Wood Marquetry from the Forest

People are enchanting when they love what they do! This happy man (pictured) is a master of the amazing ancient art of wood marquetry.

Maqueson P. Silva with his beautiful artistic creations

Usually creative people that love what they do, make magical pieces that are capable of transferring some of this love to their art, and consequently also to the one who buys it.

Everyone can use a bit more love and magic!

Amazon Forest in Brazil

As the lungs of the world, the Amazon forest is completely mysterious and magical. One of the exceptional artists TheFOB supports, influenced by the power of the Amazon, shares his inspiration:

I thoroughly know the Amazon, its life, its nature, its customs, its people, the fauna and flora of that region. I travelled through the Juruá river, I went through its straights and holes, I explored streams and paranás, I lived in intimate communion with the environment and with the inhabitants of the forest. From loving and feeling greatly, my heart one day overflowed with emotion and I decided to show the world a little of what I’ve seen and lived. Using a rare style of art was the most coherent manner I found to talk about being and the Amazon.” ~Marqueson P. Silva (freely translated from his website, to check it out click here.)

Amazon Rivers

Marqueson creates intricate, detailed, perfect wood marquetry pieces inspired by the power and beauty of the Amazon. The huge rivers in the Amazon, the stories, myths, legends, the songs and people are some of the inspirations portrayed in the most diverse pieces he produces. Marqueson’s creations range from a special picture frame, a magical jewelry box, to an exquisite purse.

Art with Love

You can click on any picture below to buy it… if you want amazing art, of course.

Picture Frame in colorful Marquetry
Butterflies Jewelry Box – Wood Marquetry from the Amazon
This designer purse is like carrying a one of a kind piece of art with you.

Marquetry is the ancient art of inlaying or application of cut pieces of wood, ivory, bronze and so on, to create objects of extraordinary woodwork, forming designs of the most diverse types… With Marqueson’s work you can always expect art that is one of a kind!

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