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Brazilian Culture, People and Soul

TheFOB stands for The Finest of Brazil. Simple as that, this is what we are all about! TheFOB Blog is here to give you access to one of the most beautiful and mystical countries in the world.  This Blog discusses and explores Brazilian culture, environment, stories, particularities, diversity, artists, artisans, treasures, histories, creativity and style. We empower Brazilian culture, its creators and preservers!

We are especially knowledgeable about handicrafts, home décor, jewelry and the arts in general, from all around Brazil. Each of these areas has a unique expression within the context of an extremely diverse country.

This blog hopes to expand popular knowledge and understanding of the rich culture in Brazil. TheFOB Blog also strives to mirror the smart, creative, pioneering and happy spirit of Brazilians.

We are passionate in our appreciation for the finer things in life: the awe in experiencing a new piece of art, the thrill in traveling to new places, and the joy in helping native Brazilians make a living doing what they love.