Sustainable, high quality and unique products are IN!

Most educated, sensible and forward thinking adults know that one of the biggest ways our “vote” counts is in how we spend our hard-earned money. Society is increasingly focused on how influential consumers actually are. Their/your/our beliefs and actions influence entire industries. So if you have the privilege, why wouldn’t you choose to purchase sustainable, one of a kind, Brazilian designer accessories? Get a beautiful purse and feel even better about it!

When consumers buy products and art they are supporting the company that sold them any given good. Companies need to consider manufacturing processes in light of society’s increasing concern with environmental issues, human rights and the value of traditional culture. We do! 

TheFOB Cares

TheFOB is invested in sustainability, fair trade and self-determination. Therefore the products we feature in our online store are being sold to increase the value of traditional and authentic Brazilian culture. TheFOB works to empower Brazilian artists that might not have access to the world market. And we think products that are made in the most sustainable way possible are truly the best!

TheFOB sells gorgeous high fashion purses made out of fish leather from the Amazon.

Gorgeous and versatile purse made with Pirarucu fish leather (from the Amazon) – available in more colors
MUST HAVE sustainable, matches everything black “Jupira” purse made with Pirarucu fish leather (from the Amazon)

Our finest of Brazil online shop also features incredibly intricate wood marquetry purses inspired by Amazon fauna and flora.

Designer Wood Marquetry clutch – Colourful Butterfly. This purse is like carrying a piece of art from the Amazon with you!

See more about wood marquetry here.

Handbags, purses and clutches can be more that a pouch to carry your things! Some people use these items as a means of self-expression, style and even values.

Wouldn’t it be cool to say your high quality leather purse is sustainable? And from the Amazon jungle in Brazil?!

Fashion items are a way to showcase your individuality! These purses are not mass produced which means you’ll likely never see another person wearing it and you can feel unique. The consumer of these purses can also rest assured that they are contributing their valued dollar to causes and beliefs they agree with. Remember that the more limited and unique the item is, the more costly it retails in the market.

Check out the fine pricey creations we have at TheFOB.   


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I am a first generation Brazilian! I was born and raised in the megalopolis of São Paulo, while my parents are U.S. Americans from Michigan. I loved the idea of being a real dual citizen and I decided to go study Comparative Cultures and Politics at Michigan State University. My topics of interest and focus included, social and international development, environmental sustainability, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, the arts and education. Brazil has my heart, so eventually I moved home after graduation. I am a passionate activist for social equality, mental health and love. I have worked with education and development not-for-profit programs, research and writing, film, healing techniques and now with art, culture, sustainability and fair-trade at TheFOB.